French chic at VOLTE FACE

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November 18, 2021

Maison Jean-François Rey presents new styles from the brand VOLTE FACE, a collection it says delivers singular, refined and always very detailed pieces. The brand’s identity is built around creative research on the effects and qualities of acetate materials, colour harmonies and decorative treatments, always favoring a handmade quality in the best French and Italian eyewear factories. The creative collection comes with a Mazzucchelli exclusive partnership, allowing the brand to constantly renew the models in many varied palettes. In the A/W 2021 collection creative diversity is a focus, in colours and acetate materials, delivering feminine compositions. The range consists of 14 models with a colour palette described as subtle where rich crystal gradients, pastels, shaded hues and combinations of refined tints are explored. More assertive shapes, geometric collages and fashion colour ranges imbued with contemporary influences are also part and parcel of the style of this new modern collection.

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