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August 24, 2020

Ferilli Eyewear releases a new collection called “Aéras” (air in Greek), available from July 2020. The collection is composed of six new models created in prickly pear wood and ebony, dedicated to the most picturesque village of Puglia. This year, the topic of interest is to lighten the silhouette of the frame. Italian design, lightweight materials and artisanal care for detail come together in one concept. Ferilli eyewear is an Italian eyewear brand created in 2018 by Cristiano Ferilli, optician/orthoptist. The brand mission is to design accessories which are sustainable and innovative, using Sikalindi - a particular material obtained from prickly pear cactus fibre (made in the south east of Italy), a material which has never been used for eyewear before according to the company.


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