FEDON: sustainable
Ariel eyeglass case launched
“for the world of sport”

What's on in Europe
July 28, 2022

Italian accessories producer Fedon presents Ariel, a lightweight, rigid eyeglass case with an ergonomic shape. The case has been especially conceived for sports eyewear and is the result of an extensive Fedon study of eyewear cases for the active world. Qualities include resistance and lightness as strong, lightweight equipment is an essential for every sportsman. Ariel also embraces sustainability, a cornerstone of the Italian company’s philosophy, says the firm. The case has been made with recycled materials including an exterior material in ECO-PU, with backing in recycled polyester, a recycled EVA shell, an inner lining in elastane derived from recycled fishing nets, and a zip with recycled components. Ariel is part of the CASE2green project, the Made in Fedon label for projects and eyeglass cases that meet specific requirements in terms of material, manufacturing and transport processes.


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