FACE À FACE “Memphis” style

Author: 2O/20 Europe Team for FACE A FACE

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November 28, 2022

“….dare to be irrational, unthinkable and unprecedented!”

FACE À FACE announces its latest collection, inspired by the MEMPHIS style of non-conformism. The frames are characterised by shocking colours, patterns and sculptural volumes with a mood of the art movement of the 1980s – led by Ettore Sottsass. With every model, one mood and energy prevails, according to FACE À FACE. The end tips are shifted outwards with the new model Moves, the projected eye is the focus for model Cloud, while the construction of lines is the highlight in model Eiffel, named after the famous tower in Paris. The details reference the MEMPHIS artistic movement as do the tones within the colour palette: geometrised materials contrast with full vibrant colours. State-of-the-art bonding and machining were crucial elements for the development of the particular forms. FACE À FACE quotes Sottsass: “Design begins where rational processes end and those of magic start”.


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