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October 22, 2021

Since 2003, VARIATION DESIGN has been creating eyewear for everyone, with a constant focus to reinvent, according to the trends, and to present a wide range of designs adapted to everyone’s individual look.
The new V.Design collection is bold, colourful, and is developed by a team of designers in France, distinguished by creativity and technical skill, from design to manufacturing.

Dominique Varlet was an optician before becoming an eyewear designer. Tired of offering the same frames to his customers, Varlet created his own collections. Gradually he gathered around him a team of creative and enthusiastic designers, driven by the same desire to surprise and innovate. Dominique Varlet is a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur. He is the image of his collections, which are surprising, unique and daring. Variation Design collections are designed in France, in Pas de Calais, Varlet’s native region. They reflect both expertise and know-how of their founder and the family spirit at the heart of the brand.

V.Design is the emblematic collection of Variation Design for men and women. It is entirely imagined and developed by the in-house designers, with bold and original shapes accompanied by a wide range of metallic, bright or neon colours to meet all styles and personalities. V.Design’s Collection is inspiring and atypical -for those who see frames as more than accessories. People who are passionate about design will like the delicacy of lines with a contemporary look, the attention to detail and choice of materials.
Bovelo is a classic, trendy collection with a wide variety of affordable frames for men and women. Designed for everyone, the frames are aligned with Variation Design’s know-how. They offer a colourful final touch and quality as well as a competitive price. V.Design Teens is a dedicated collection for young people, original and spirited to fit with the times. With a colour palette focused on gold, silver or chrome, the frames are enhanced by a touch of epoxy in a bright colour to make each pair a unique model. For children, the new V.Design Kids collection is entirely created by a team of young designers. The line offers acetate frames with trendy shapes and a choice of acid tones.


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