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February 12, 2019

New website launches with Spring campaign

With the launch of the new Natural Awareness campaign, Italian eyewear company Blackfin announces a new website at
The site opens with a view of a black sail, blowing in the wind, against an extraordinary other-worldly landscape of pristine white sand dunes.

According to the company, the Blackfin strategy is not to revolutionise but to evolve its main communication channel through the techno glamour references in this fundamental stage of the evolution of the company, and its “third year in the Third Phase”.

The seasonal campaign, Natural Awareness, offers the perfect image to present the site to the general public. The photography establishes its own verbal language defining in its essence a manifesto for know-how and authenticity, described by Blackfin as “an evolution which is natural and not predetermined”. 

On the homepage, three fundamental elements of the brand are represented in the main menu. NEOMADEINITALY is Blackfin’s DNA, the history and approach of the company in terms of its social responsibility; CREDO is the brand philosophy; and finally, TITANIUM is the most technical aspect, at the heart of Blackfin.

The collection is presented in a clean and well-defined manner on the website according to categories and styles; information is immediately available to the user, with categories such as a store locator and a press area. There is also an option to create a wish list of favourite products. This can be downloaded in a pdf on a smartphone and easily sent to friends or an optician.

\\ New website

\\ Model Juniper Bay 

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