Colour surge

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October 19, 2020

“The post-COVID consumer will be demanding a lot more colour”, says the team at Etnia Barcelona as they launch their Autumn Winter collection, Terra (Still I Rise). A statement to the press says Etnia “is now offering the widest range of colour references in the world”, with 500 colours featured, 100 of which are designed by the company and handcrafted by the Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. Colours have been added across the metal and combination designs. The high-volume tones in the acetates push the limits where possible to achieve textures, complex laminations and three-layer sandwich sheets. “Our innovation doesn't stop on the outside of the glasses”, according to the Etnia Barcelona team, which is led by David Pellicer who returned to the company in 2019 to take over management of the family-owned business. “Etnia installs an interchangeable hinge that can be repaired in a matter of seconds, which optimizes the mechanics of the glasses and puts constant pressure on the front of the frames through 3mm of separation”. All the designs in the new sunglasses collection feature high-definition Barberini sun lenses.

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