ETNIA BARCELONA The most minimal collection by the eyewear brand to date

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February 10, 2023

The Barcelona firm has announced the new minimal collection UTF Ultralight, creating, it says, the lightest acetate frames it has ever made. The collection offers nine different models, all characterised by details, and comprising one unisex model in eight colours and eight women’s models in four different colours. The frames are finely crafted to achieve the lightest possible acetate temples and front pieces that the company has ever produced. Colour and gloss effects, achieved without overlays have the effect of brightening the frames. Coloured details complete the temple tips, faithfully evidencing the company’s signature DNA. Describing it as a compact, balanced collection offering a comfortable fit with an enduring, timeless product, Etnia Barcelona’s UTF Collection is created around a new wirecore, with geometrical designs. The lightest of steel temples offer greater flexibility and will, after bending, return to their original shape. Temples are a mere 2.8 mm thick. For the UTF Campaign, Etnia Barcelona sought inspiration from sci-fi space movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The company has created a series of fantasy images, full of colour with a bold visual language, and characters travelling in different dimensions in a “quest for the unknown”. The campaign reveals itself in bright light, with a voyage through special effects and the cinema’s take on space technology.

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