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October 19, 2017


The winning entries selected from the many presented by the thirteen students in their final year of studies at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design on the Jewelry and Accessories Design BA course (which also includes studies in eyewear design) were announced at  an award ceremony at Silmo in October 2017. The project was promoted by Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, along with the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin. The brief was to develop a “concept frame”, communication campaign and marketing tools based on E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™, an Essilor® Sun Solution™  brand and sun lens technology which guarantees a clear perception of colours and improved vision.
The three winning projects were:

First prize: Denise Tatiana D’Orazio for the project Cycle

For innovative design:  This project has been renamed bloom by the students in Advertising Communication: just as a flower blooms, the emotions of the world will open up for the first time to the wearer of KOLOR UP lenses and he will see its colours. The graphic design of the name “bloom” reflects the double use of this eyewear : lower case b for closed glasses and the two oo for open glasses.

Second prize: Juliana Vergara Rodriguez for the project Bulle Magnetique

For ia very modern concept: just as in nature magnetosphere protects us from being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from solar wind, sunglasses with KOLOR UP™ lenses protect your eyes and also allow you to see the world.

Third prize: Arianna Gambino for the project Fragmenta

For modern innovative design: fragments, with its metal frame, is presented in various styles that combine the assorted colors of the KOLOR UP™ lenses in order to let their best qualities shine and allow an individual, one of a kind style to be created.

Due to the high quality of the work presented, a further five projects were chosen to receive a special mention.
A special mention for Modern Fashion Design to Beatrice Picca Piccon for Urban Foliage;

A special mention for Modern Lifestyle Design to Carola Nomden for Snapback;

A special mention for Modern Design to Elena De Bastiani for See the Skyline;

A special mention for RX frame with Kolor Up Lenses to Denise Tatiana d’Orazio for Clack;

A special mention for Innovative Concept to Giorgia Donalisio for Prisma.

Denise Tatiana d’Orazio with her project Light also won the Digital Media Mention: of all the students, she was the one who received the most votes in the online contest which was launched by the Essilor® Sun Solution™ web page during the summer. The three best proposals were featured in an additional project involving BA students in Graphic Design and Advertising Communication who carried out the campaign images used in the booth.

"E-SUN KOLOR UP lenses enhance the beauty of colours and help us to see the world better. The work of the  students can definitely be defined as no ordinary work, showing that a strong sun lenses concept can be the source of inspiration for innovative designs.

We thank IED and the students for this ‘No ordinary’ partnership." – said Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing at Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division.

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