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Digital lookbook launch as “eyes take centre stage”

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July 06, 2020

The edCFDA, a working group of independent eyewear designers, based in the US, and within the CFDA’s membership, has assembled a new digital look book which showcases a selection of favourite styles from their current collections. The initiative is a response to public health concerns and the current need to mask some of the face’s most expressive elements, which in turn means the eyes are now the centerpiece of communication and beauty. The choice of eyewear, which conveys one’s style and mood, is now more significant more than ever, according to the group. Participating designers and their brand namesakes include: Ahlem Manai-Platt (Ahlem), Barbara McReynolds & Gai Gherardi (l.a.Eyeworks), Blake Kuwahara (Blake Kuwahara), Christian Roth & Eric Domège (Christian Roth), Jeff Press (Morgenthal Frederics - Robert Marc), Patty Perreira (Barton Perreira), Selima Salaun (Selima) and Shane Baum (Leisure Society). Presented within the look book is a celebration of materials, colours, and a compilation of imaginative shapes both chic and graphic, which demonstrates the universe of fine optical design in the US, and serves as testament to the unique and enduring vision of
 these independent designers.


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