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November 05, 2018

Easy-Glam by SOM Eyewear

SOM Eyewear is celebrating 40 years with a new EBK collection, designed as a tribute to Woodstock, the design district in Cape Town, born as a popular manufacturing location, and today the expression of a lively and rich city suburb.
The 8th range by EBK follows the traditions of the EBK eyewear concept in an “irreverent, fascinating, evocative and lively collection” that favours optical frames, with a versatile mood and eclectic shapes, - mini and oversized, round and elongated.
Like the collections before, inspiration is taken from a lively district in a famous city: other ranges were created around the areas of Tortona in Milan, Greenpoint in New York and Brick Lane in London.
EBK claims to create eyewear which makes the wearer feel like “a citizen of the world, part of something bigger”. More than a simple accessory, the glasses are conceived as a way to tell, enhance and express something special.


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