Donating to Lombardy in COVID-19 Crisis

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March 31, 2020

Italian colored contact lenses brand Desio® is supporting the Lombardy Region of Italy in the fight against Coronavirus with a significant donation of €100.000. “Many say that we are at war against an invisible enemy and although I have fortunately not experienced any conflict up close, this is the feeling that takes me every time I learn the numbers of this terrible epidemic from TV or social media,” says CEO Tereza Uhrova. “Giving help to those most in need has always been an integral part of our philosophy and in the face of this emergency which is hitting our country so hard, we cannot stand still and watch. We wanted to do what our hearts told us: to give.” The company is giving concrete support to those who put their lives at risk every day to fight the emergency, including doctors, nurses, and police force. On the company social channels, Desio® has activated a campaign aimed at raising awareness among partners, customers and followers so that they too can make their contribution to the cause.  Desio® has been actively involved in charity work in the past and there are several organizations it has offered support to over the years. They included Terre des Hommes and Sightsavers, the non-profit international organisation that fights blindness and supports people with disabilities in developing countries.

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