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July 06, 2020

Design Eyewear Group’s Lars Flyvholm has spoken out about being part of the bigger picture during the COVID-19 crisis and how DEG is helping its stakeholders, while planning for the journey ahead into the future. “Like so many other companies, we've been largely affected by the global lockdown and have had to make the necessary  changes throughout the company, globally”, he said in a press release on 1st July. “Despite this, we have remained agile and open for business, working remotely in many cases, while using the various digital technologies to stay connected to our teams and customers. Our global logistics center and customer service teams have been incredible, servicing those customers who required any and all assistance including health related questions, spare parts and, of course, new frames. As of today, we have already begun the process of “getting back to normal” as the various countries begin the lofty task of re-opening”. According to the company, priority one has been ensuring daily operations remained running while servicing customers – all with the utmost safety precautions in check at all times. “As a design company, it's also been important for us to maintain the creative processes of designing new products for the future. As a result, our designers have been quite busy throughout the Corona period and have created a  range of new, fantastic products ready for launch in late Summer. The final touch is at hand with new designs as well, due to launch in Q1 of 2021”. Flyvholm confirmed that DEG will be launching a large collection for all brands at the end of the summer. “We expect  by August/September, accounts will once again, be ready to purchase new products in line with consumers seeking a change and fresh new look. We are very much looking forward to sharing our stellar, new collections. We've grown closer to one another and even better at focusing  generating value throughout the entire value chain. At the end of the day, we expect to come out of this an even stronger business partner than before pertaining to our suppliers and our many partners all over the world”.

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