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February 03, 2021

The Brazilian footballer Dani Alves has become brand ambassador for FACE-OFF High Definition Vision, a visor and lens combination that uses cutting-edge technology to filter UV rays. The visor is described as providing crystal clear vision, protecting against droplets and limiting face touching.
"When Lele Danzi presented Face-Off to me, I immediately realised its potential and I decided to use my face to help promote it," explained Dani Alves. "Of course, the face - I can be seen and people can look me in the eye when I'm wearing it," he joked. "I'll never be without it now. I take it with me everywhere."  "I am pleased and honoured," explained Lele Danzi, founder Face-Off. "I have always believed our visor was a worthwhile product with real potential, and now Dani Alves really proves this again. I am convinced that, with him on board, we'll be able to take this Made in Italy creativity to the world." Dani has already started spreading the word about Face-Off through his Instagram profile @Danialves (31.6 million followers), writing “una manera diferente de cuidarse mi gente” (a different way to take care of my people) and “Face off, un estilo diferente de proteçao, de permitir-e-aceder a praticar alguns esportes safe, de não deixar você perder seus cuidados e sua elengência. Estamos produzindo Um jeito Crazy de cuidar de todos vocês” (Face-Off, a different style of protection, which makes it possible to play some sports safely, protecting yourself elegantly. We are producing an amazing way to take care of all of you." FACE-OFF offers a triple layer structure using non-plastic materials, with each having a specific function: a photochromic or polarised lens, a reinforcing layer, and an anti-fog sheet. The adjustable sweatband makes it comfortable to wear, while the three positions for the visor make it practical to use.


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