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September 12, 2019

_Mission One Sunglasses Collection S/S20

Founded in a design studio in London’s Old Street in June 2018 by Marcello Martino, Covrt Project describes itself as “a real standalone eyewear brand for streetwear connoisseurs”.
The London brand launches its first collection this month at SILMO Paris, with the _Mission One Sunglasses Collection, produced in Italy in milled steel and Mazzucchelli acetate.
Covrt Project’s launch collection is conceived through the design of a single unique visor with high-tech quality focused constructions.
All the suppliers in Italy have been handpicked over several years, thanks to the team’s longstanding relationships with leaders in this field. The designs required experimentation and high levels of expertise in trialling new production techniques and the use of materials and components from other industries, never before used in eyewear. Opposed to the fast-fashion throwaway culture, the brand has committed to producing eyewear with a lasting quality, and has designed its own stylish accessories which explore multi-functionality in designs that are practical, adaptable and built to last.

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