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September 18, 2020

Cibelle Eyewear has launched an innovative functional chain accessory which offers clients a chic, practical solution to the age-old problem of losing glasses. Designed with a bold aesthetic, Cibelle glasses chains double as necklaces and mask chains and can be worn everyday. “We’re bringing back a forgotten accessory to the forefront in a very unique and functional way", 
says Agustina Cybel, founder and designer at Cibelle Eyewear. “After hearing the frustration of clients losing eyewear they loved, we decided to do something about it by designing a practical, fashionable, and affordable chain that clients would actually want to wear in multiple ways”. Each chain is designed in Miami, Florida and is ethically handmade by skilled artisans. Every chain also features a unique aesthethic, an engraved gold-plated logo charm, and a clasp closure to use it as a necklace or mask chain. In conjunction with its focus on sustainability and ethical business practices, Cibelle Eyewear partners with ‘Not For Profit One Tree Planted’ to plant a tree for every pair sold. Founded in 2019 with a clear mission to inspire women to celebrate their differences, Cibelle’s designs evoke a spirit of empowerment through eyewear and the company’s mission is such that it serves as a reminder that embracing our uniqueness is more important than being perfect.

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