CARTIER launches the "Set for you by Cartier: Eyewear service"

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March 02, 2023

Cartier has announced a new "Set for you by Cartier: Eyewear service" which is designed to offer customers a bespoke service that combines savoir-faire and sophistication. Promoting a contemporary approach to tailor made luxury, the brand proposes a personalised shopping experience for customers who will be able to customise their favourite rimless sunglass frame by selecting and combining particular colours and components according to their individual style and taste. The programme focuses on a curated range of rimless designs that, over the last seasons, have become icons for long-time admirers of the brand. They are described as being infused with “a fluid and gender-neutral attitude” and feature various constructions opening to more that almost 800 possible interpretations. Customers will be invited to choose the lens shape among three options – pilot, rectangular or pantos – all available in solid or gradient shades. They can also select the frame in small or medium size and choose the temple design, metal finish and end tip colour. There will be an option to add the customer’s initials.

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