CABRIO designed by HOET

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June 09, 2022

In its most recent release, previewed at the trade fair OPTI (May 2022), the CABRIO Collection returns with colourful, 3D printed eyewear, original in form and ideal in its construction for the “conscious consumer”.  In contrast to traditional production processes of eyewear, HOET starts the production of their two lines, CABRIO and Hoet Couture after sales. As they explain: “This means that neither we nor the opticians need to keep excessive stock. Furthermore, there is hardly any waste of raw materials during the 3D printing technique used for these collections.” CABRIO frames are designed with the focus on innovation, offering added values and new aesthetics, by applying techniques in 3D printed design previously unknown in the eyewear business. Each design has an original shape and silhouette, and details that include special structures, openwork and sculpted looks. Cabrio is produced by Hoet Eyewear Design (Belgium).

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