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May 20, 2019

Mexican inspired design

The BOZ collection for 2019 offers hypnotizing femininity and sensuality with models that radiate light. A carefully studied stylistic and chromatic variety has been interpreted to illuminate the faces of very stylish individuals.
To create the 14 exceptional pieces in the collection, Joëlle Rey drew on the Mexican culture of Frida Kahlo, whose history and unusual personality nurtured her creativity.

With this, Rey delivers an original interpretation, with a ‘crazy’ elegance, revealing dazzling, colorful and graphic discoveries from which emerges the spirit of popular festivals. The energy comes from flamboyant, confident colours and combinations, prints, luminous transparencies, and majestic volumes, says the company as well as a great diversity of pattern. The ethnic origins and Mexican feel of the line are interpreted through many details, with abundant know-how and perfect “stylistic disharmony” – a look that is particular to the style of Joëlle Rey. Through the collection, the designer has also taken a modern look at Mexican art and culture, confirming that contemporary design blends perfectly with history.

Included in the line is model Ipala, boasting both creative aesthetic and technological features. Made by assembling three pieces of colored metal, the frame has what is described as an “airy and majestic silhouette that comes together in the latticework of the metal on the top of the frame”. The style’s refinement and elegance comes from the decorative motifs of the top, where the fine metal lace appears like Mexican openwork shawls, with graphic codes inspired by geometric abstraction.

\\ model Ipala

Meanwhile model Ilusion – the flagship style of the collection – is the result of expertise in achieving technical folds in the metal material. This concept takes up the theme of Mexican festivals, embodied here by one of the symbols of femininity: the Flower. The two sheets of metal are assembled in a metal rim technique: the first is cut and enriched with fine engravings, while the second one unfolds around the eyes like a beautiful crown of delicate petals.
BOZ Eyewear is produced by the French company Jean-François REY.

\\ model Ilusion

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