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August 16, 2017

Showroom opens in Mexico

Blackfin has opened its first single-brand showroom in Mexico City. The project is the result of the internationalisation process which the brand has embarked upon. It was conceived out of the partnership between Nicola Del Din and the Mexico sales partner Moda y Vision Italiana, led by two young Italian entrepreneurs, Giancarlo Quacquarelli and Federico Pasquetto. Located in the Colonia Roma area, the cultural heart of the capital, the showroom also benefits from a new sales office and  warehouse which enables an efficient product distribution across the region.
“This multipurpose venue is a showroom where Mexico’s opticians will be able to find the entire Blackfin range,” says Nicola Del Din, CEO of Blackfin. “But it also aims to provide a place for showcasing our eyewear for end consumers, and telling them the story of our brand”.
“Besides managing distribution in the Mexican market,” explains Giancarlo Quacquarelli, the company’s CEO, “we firmly believe in the potential of this brand. As a result, we have decided to develop a fully-fledged Blackfin retail channel to ensure the brand’s positioning in Mexico will be achieved quickly and precisely.”

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