Award-winner OUT OF to release second gen IRID lenses

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January 20, 2023

OUT OF will unveil its new range of products at MIDO 2023. After having been awarded the Silmo d'Or in Paris the Italian sports eyewear brand will present the second generation of its breakthrough IRID electronic lenses. The IRID lenses are now capable of covering filter categories S1 to S3, helping athletes and sports enthusiasts to have an improved and optimised user experience while practicing their preferred sports. Made in Italy, technology and innovation are at the core of the new 2023 collection that will be released in Mido. The BOT sunglasses and the ELECTRA ski goggles both feature the electronic lenses, which are able to perceive the ambient light and instantly adapt to it by getting darker and lighter to always provide the user with the best light filter. They activate in less than a second and without using any battery, therefore avoiding the annoying lag that characterizes regular photochromic lenses. A small solar cell is incorporate in the lens. This powers a microchip and a special liquid crystal film. The microchip works to adapt the lens tint, covering the whole range from filter category S1 to S3.  Both the liquid crystal film and the electronics are perfectly waterproof so they will withstand any weather condition. The only energy source the lens needs is the sun. There are no batteries required of any kind, so the sunglasses and the ski goggles are eco-friendly and can be used like a regular pair of glasses.

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