Array of colorful new models in small sizes by MOREL

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September 16, 2021

Addressing the challenges of designing frames that fit adults properly, Morel has designed a series of new models exclusively to fit the needs of those requiring smaller sized eyewear with a touch of originality “to pep up their look”. The line includes model 40150N, a frame with an acetate “bonding” that enhances its butterfly inspired feminine shape. The bright grenadine arch contrasts with the softness of the transparent lilac front. For those who prefer more subdued tones, Morel also offers this frame in emerald green with a contrasting brown. Model 40153N picks up on the trend for square shapes. Morel offers a two-tone model with an acetate collage. The transparent brown contrasts with the intense blue of the frame front. A rich twist on the pin, gives the frame an extra punch of colour.

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