Arabica coffee beans inspire NIRVAN JAVAN

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September 10, 2021

The ARABICA Collection by Nirvan Javan with Kochoptik, transforms the spirit and colour of the world's most popular beverage into eyewear designs. According to the company, the Arabica bean is the noblest of all coffee beans. It is harvested in four, major destinations, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India, each one adopted as one of the names of the four models. The special development process of the Arabica bean and its characteristics also determined the shape and colour of the glasses. The ripening of the Arabica bean from red to green, followed by the process of roasting the beans when they turn brown, and the brewing of the rich black beverage is reflected in the matte acetate frames of the collection. In addition to each pair of ARABICA glasses, special premium coffee capsules have been created as a part of the new collaboration concept with the optical retailer. The special coffee blend is composed of ground Arabica beans from Mexico, Colombia, India and Brazil. The ARABICA Collection includes coffee capsules are available exclusively in Kochoptik stores.

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