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January 23, 2018

Tailor-made design and functionality

Ørgreen Optics has launched their new optical collection, designed for the futuristic facial scanning platform "YUNIKU". The Danish design company has also developed a visual concept collaboration with GamFratesi Studio, winners of the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2017.

The word Yuniku originates from Japan and means ”unique”. Yuniku celebrates the uniqueness of the human face with a special scanner that measures your facial features. Taking your lifestyle into account, your lenses are individually designed and your frame is 3D printed around your visual needs, all in all matching your vision, face and personal look.

The Ørgreen + Yuniku collaboration responds to a new trend where the consumer is more than ever before requesting a tailor-made design and functionality. To accommodate this growing need, Ørgreen has designed a special collection that the Yuniku platform can adapt to any type of face. The frames are made of the strong and lightweight polyamide material and reflect Ørgreen’s minimalistic signature style.
In a further celebration for the launch of Ørgreen+Yuniku the brands have partnered with one of the most interesting design duos - GamFratesi - comprised by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who have designed a special window and visual display concept for the Ørgreen flagship store in Copenhagen.
For this project, GamFratesi re-interpreted and found inspiration in Picasso’s work and drawings to create a window display that showcases how Yuniku celebrates the uniqueness in each and every face, its characteristic features and expressions. GamFratesi created a series of unique sculptural faces made in different materials and through the use of colour re-interpreted in a playful language. The window display was launched on 30th January in conjunction with Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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