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June 07, 2017

The Plexiglass collection

Born from research into new frame materials and the know-how and ability of French craftsmen, each Été frame has been designed to offer a unique eyewear experience. The Plexiglass collection, with optical and sunglass styles, is created with sheets of Plexiglas, a highly transparent crystal clear material that is lightweight and resistant. Each frame is engraved with floral designs by hand using a micro cutter – rather than using molds or laser cutting. This produces a unique handcrafted finish to the frames which have the appeal of a work of art, according to the company.
Été Lunettes currently offers three distinctive collections: the Plexiglass collection for women, the distinctive Feathers Collection featuring real feathers embedded between the acetate sheets, and A Wood and Stainless steel line designed for men.

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