AKONI Collection IV is informed by creative pioneers of the past

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January 12, 2023

Akoni Eyewear’s fourth collection premieres three sunglasses and three optical styles which build upon the brand’s singular DNA. The collection is the result of a combination of “mastery of engineering innovation with the deepest respect for the impressive possibilities resulting from a combination of the finest in Japanese craftsmanship and materials”, according to the eyewear company. For the concept of the collection, the Akoni Eyewear team wanted to celebrate the daring successes of pioneering iconoclasts of the art, cinema, and architectural worlds. The frames explore avant-garde structural and aesthetic innovations finessed by some of the modern age’s greatest architects, blending echoes of their elegant-yet-audacious silhouettes with the type of vibrant hues, fascinating forms, intoxicating beauty and rebellious spirit that drew crowds to the leading art museums and cinemas during that same era. Among the models, highlights include model Akari, which builds directly upon the lessons of the master of modern Italian design, Gio Ponti, perhaps best known today for one of the most important European skyscrapers: Milan’s Pirelli Tower. The tower’s masculine, mid-century vibe and its elegant, tapered lines are cleanly echoed in the AKARI silhouette, with the Akoni Eyewear team celebrating Ponti’s important lessons on the importance of experimenting with framework and volume, in order to highlight the inherent strength and beauty of functional elements.


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