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June 24, 2022

Modern eyewear developed through an energetic process of innovative research, creative drive and passion for colour, the new models by AirDP Style are described as “expressive and distinctive, with a bold approach to form and colour”. Derived from a classic aviator eyewear shape, model Marcello, in the GENESIS AIR series, offers an expression of the now, breaking with convention in an oversized design. The frame is uninhibited and bold, with small design details that create a striking attitude. From the FRAME collection, model Edgar represents strength, masculinity and incredible confidence. The  angular shape of the front combines with the sleek lines of the temples in a design that is produced in ULTEM, a light high-tech material. AirDP Style is always experimental with new ideas for form and colour, according to the company. This aesthetic is expressed in the angular form of new model Sofia in the GENESIS AIR series - a design that is rooted in artisan style, to propose a frame for a unique, eclectic look that's big for the season. In the same vein, model Monica in the OVER series offers something different with its 90s inspired angular form and colorful palette that includes bright coral and crystal blue.

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