Adult frames with exclusive rubber material

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July 28, 2022

LOOK-made in Italia introduces its new Look 5380 Rubber Evo series for the adult premium segment. The company describes the launch “as part of its commitment to ongoing research and experimentation with exclusive materials and technologies engineered to improve people’s lives”. Based on experience with children’s frames, the eyewear designs for this new Look series follow specific rules of ergonomics while maintaining the elasticity, comfort and practicality found in the popular Rubber Evo styles in the Lookkino kids’ premium segment. There are four frames in the 5380 series and each of them comes in four colours. The Rubber Evo styles owe their origins to the TWICE bi-injection molding process that makes it possible to combine two polymers - NIL and EVO - in a single structure. The result is a blend of technology and design - all-round elasticity, durability and comfort combined with two-tone colours and the texture on the front for a sports-inspired look. Thanks to the invisible flex hinge, there are no protruding parts, also making this a safe and practical product for very active adults.

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