A style-driven, colour-inspired elegance by JF REY


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May 19, 2022

The new JF REY collection brings to the season a very large choice of combination frames for men and women. Style-driven and colour inspired, the range offers a distinctive allure and flattering looks, always characterised by freedom in tone and artistic expression. The creative interplays of acetate and metal on the fronts are further enhanced by an infusion of bright and vibrant hues, subtly contrasting with graphic patterns and details of transparency. The aesthetic is achieved by focusing on a dynamic and modern 'duality', achieved through the expertise of the JFRey brand in the combination of fine handmade acetate, for the most part exclusive, such that each frame delivers a unique emotion or its own creative story.

The different concepts proposed include 'arty' shapes in vibrant, joyful colours (JF2993, JF2994 and JF2995) and a series mixing retro inspiration and contemporary creations with geometric and modern shapes, accentuated according to the model (JF2978/JF2989/JF2990/JF2991/JF2992). These eyewear designs propose the real signature style of the brand, a timeless reference in the collections for more than 25 years, which, says the company, nevertheless finds a new creative energy for each and every season. Highlights include the model JF2978, a round shape which is particularly striking for its creative interplay of acetate and metal on the front. The geometric construction is modern and graphic with contrasting effects of colours and materials. The dazzling red intensifies the distinctive look. www.jfrey.fr

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