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May 21, 2018

The successful owner of Wilmslow’s Albert Road Opticians talked to Clodagh Norton about a new opening in Cheadle Hulme.

Where? Cheadle Hulme, UK
When? Opened February 2018
Store type: Independent optical shop
Owner’s name: Deepak Oberai

Q: This is your second store? How is it going?

A: It’s going really well. Better than expected. The concept of a styling consultation has been received really well and we have a plethora of compliments on the design of the shop.

Q: Is the format the same as your Albert Road Opticians - if not what did you change?

A: The format is a little different due to the building we are in and the experience I have gained. We are pretty brave for a UK optician and we take most of the frames out of sight, to allow for a full styling experience.
We only have four frames from each collection on show to give a taste of what is available. These pieces are like artwork in a gallery, which allows the team and their experience to work the magic. Everything else is put away!

Q: Which collections are successful here?

A: We currently carry three collections with a lot of options within them. Our best performing collection is Anne et Valentin followed by LINDBERG. Having worked with Anne et Valentin at our Albert Road store we really have a good knowledge of the collection. LINDBERG has been a surprise! My personal favourite – THEO – is here too!

Q: Did you work with an architect/interior designer? Please explain how this worked out.

A: I visited some cool shops in Belgium and Amsterdam. I then worked with 93ft interior designers who turned my vision into a reality. It has worked out really well as it was different from the outset and this is reflected in our processes and eyewear.

Q: What are your expectations for the next five years?

A: We would like to grow our client base with eyewear that “wows” and like we have at Albert Road, we would like to develop a reputation for being different and quirky. Our current challenge is getting people to know we exist.
We have a set of marketing initiatives that are slowly paying dividends.
I see the first three years as a development phase to create awareness and the two years that follow should yield significant growth in client numbers and collections we can carry.

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