Since 1970, a passion for photography which became a key name in optics

Author: Beatrice Castioni

Retail Inspiration
July 22, 2021

Francesca Granziol, Optician

Where? Bolzano

Since when? 1970

Shop Type: Independent Optician

Optician: Francesca Granziol
Brands: Borbonese, Vanni, Germano Gambini, Epos, Anacolé, Incredible, Italian Jewel, Eschenbach, Havaianas, Polaroid, Eyeside, Centrostyle 

Q: Tell me more about the story of Ottica Excelsior.

A: My grandfather Alberto Granziol opened the shop when he was just a boy, during the war. He was one of the first optical stores in Bolzano, and the shop focused only on the world of photography. My father Ferdinando then followed in his footsteps as a photographer but also as an optician, taking over the business in the 70s. For a few years he left me the responsibility, and I gave a new direction to the shop, focusing only on optics. I wanted to keep the name Excelsior, despite the new direction, because it seemed right to pay tribute to my grandfather. The new logo shows the very first opening date because progress is important: it’s the evolution of our activity; but it is also important not to forget the history that has allowed us to get here.

Q: Speaking of glasses, how do you combine quality and fashion?

A: We believe that quality is an essential element, so quality eyewear must have avant-garde ophthalmic lenses. In this we are guaranteed because we are supported by the Opto In Group, manufacturer of lenses, with whom we have been working for more than 30 years. As for the choice of frames, we are looking for alternative brands to differentiate ourselves from other shops in Bolzano. We therefore choose different lines, united by the excellent workmanship and, almost always, by the Made in Italy. We have a few exclusive companies that only supply us in our city.

Q: The showroom is also "child-proof". Can you explain why?

A: In the redesign of the shop, we paid particular attention to the children’s area. Making the little ones comfortable, creating a space for them, was fundamental for two reasons. The first is to facilitate, for them, the approach in carrying out the eye examination or the choice of the most suitable frame. The second reason is that even parents can finalize purchases or perform visual inspection with greater serenity. We like to see children in a space where they can read, draw and play.

Q: You have renewed the open space displays for the products. What was the concept that inspired you?

A: Ours is a small family business that was born in 1970, and we have just turned 51 years old. For this reason, in December 2020 we wanted to give a new look to the store, and for two months we dedicated ourselves to a complete renovation. The result: a modern, essential and elegant design, which gives the environment brightness and a welcoming atmosphere. We then enriched the shop with open displays, equipped with led lights to allow the customer to capture all the shades and chrome of the frames. We were interested in the idea of making the customer live a positive experience. Beyond that, we would like to make it clear that we have history and experience, and - above all  - the possibility of a transparent and mutual relationship with our clientele. It’s what kept us going for so long. After a difficult period, we decided to relaunch this historic family business, giving it new life. We are excited about the future projects we have in the pipeline, which will be announced on our social media.

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