Ludwig Oehm Sehmanufaktur

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April 06, 2018

Where? Frankfurt, Germany
When? Opened in April 2017
Store type: independent

Owner’s names:  Ludwig Oehm Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG (Owned by Andreas Oehm and Tim Oliver Schmidt) and Aniko A. Geué (Managing Partner)

Architect: Kerstin Heider Working for Oscar Möbel & Objekte, Industriestruktur. 11, 57520 Steinebach/Sieg

Q: What was your idea with the new interior?

A: To convey the feeling that the wishes and dreams of my client can be personally fulfilled and even surpassed by me.

Q: What has been the reaction?

A: Our customers really love it. Sometimes people just come in to touch something, without any interest in glasses. But then they start to ask us many questions.

Q: Give examples of the brands you sell.

A: Thom Browne, Tom Davies, Victoria Beckham, Barton Perreira, Leisure Society, Campbell Marson, Hertkorn, Vuarnet, Framers, Tavat and others.

Q: Describe in a few sentences the look and feel of the interior space.

A: Homely coziness meets soothing, unruffled minimalism: warm wood tones, modern exposed concrete and elegant lines invite the visitor to take a look around. It becomes clear immediately that we have a passion for spectacles and we celebrate that passion.

Q: Tell is about your recent awards.

A: At MIDO we were awarded the BESTORE AWARD / DESIGN. The DESIGN category recognized stores worldwide that stand out from the crowd for the way in which the layout, materials, design, furnishings and the general atmosphere contribute to creating a not-to-be-missed shopping experience. We were also awarded nationally with the TOP 100 Optiker Award.

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