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July 06, 2018

Where? Lyon
When? Opened in 2017
Store type: Independent
Owner: Michael Lalande

Q: When did you open Loulou?

A: Loulou is a new shop opened 16 months ago specialising in independent eyewear brands. We stock Ahlem, LPLR, Nathalie Blanc, Masunaga, Salt, Savile Row, Ross & Brown and Oscar Magnuson – brands from different parts of the world – offering exceptional quality, hand-finishing, and special design.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in the centre of Lyon in place des Celestins, opposite the beautiful and historic Theatre des Celestins.

Q: Describe the shop and its special features.

A: As you can see, we have created an elegant, modern optical store. Everything is based on the details: the architectural features, and the different services. Our customers can choose their own music, and a drink - whatever they want, soda, beer, wine, coffee or tea. We want them to feel relaxed and as confortable as possible.

Q: Do you have events?

A: Yes! For example, for the summer sale, we have created a new universe, which is graphic, fun and cinematographic named Grand Magasin – inspired by the traditional department stores or old-fashioned general stores.
6, place des Celestins, 69002 LYON

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