Eyewears "to see" and "to be seen"

Author: Beatrice Castioni

Retail Inspiration
April 09, 2021

Michele Locatelli, Optician

Where? Milan

Since when? 2016

Shop Type: Independent Optician

Optician: Michele Locatelli
Brands: Ahlem, Barton Perreira, Cartier, Christian Roth, Anne & Valentin, Chrome Hearts, Dita, Epos, Études, Eyepetizer, Eyevan, Hook, Hublot, Jacquemus, Jacques Marie Mage, Kuboraum, l.a. Eyeworks, L.G.R, Lesca, LINDBERG, Lunor, Matsuda, Masahiromaruyama, Mykita + Maison Margiela, Mykita Studio, Retrosuperfuture, Robert La Roche, Snob, Thom Browne, SO.YA, The Attico.

Q: Tell us about the new store you are opening and in which city you chose to locate it.

A: We are very excited about this new challenge! We decided to open our store in Biella, Italy. The reasons are diverse: there was no optical stores that offered our selection of refined products by independent brands. Our collections, in fact, come from all over the world: Japan, New York, Denmark. According to market research studies - carried out by a company we have contacted - in Biella there wasn’t this type of offer. We then looked for a local partner to support us in the development of our project. As for the style of the store, it will be almost identical to that of Milan, because it is a format that we like and that we want to carry on now in Biella, and then maybe in other cities in the future! In addition to furniture, the products sold will also be spectacular: we are fond of our brand identity.

Q: Will the target customers be similar to that of Milan or completely different?

A: The target customers will be similar. Our audience is wide, thanks to products that embrace all price ranges. We propose affordable glasses to young customers, but also offer titanium glasses with galvanised elements to a more mature audience, as well as to a target interested in fashion. What’s important is that our eyewear range offer is refined and not found everywhere.

Q: We are living a difficult period: what does opening a new store represent for you in these times?

A: Certainly, it represents an opportunity: an opportunity not to be missed. Obviously, we are all going through difficult times, some more than others. However, I see this opening as a bit of risk-taking in a delicate period. I am convinced that if you have an innovative idea, you will find a space in the market, however saturated it may be or however difficult the period. We are truly confident!

Q: Your team’s description includes the quote "Eyewear to see and to be seen in". What does it mean for you?

A: That’s a very important sentence. Eyewear is the only item of primary need that at the same time is also a fashion accessory, comparable in all respects to a handbag and a pair of shoes. Consequently, it is an indispensable good for those suffering from vision problems, so “eyewear to see”. But it’s also “to be seen”, because it allows you to stand out from the crowd with a stylish product, which is what we look for, every day.

Q: What do social networks represent for you, if designed as tools to communicate to customers?

A: Right from the start, we have being using social networks to talk about the brands we work with, as we know that nowadays they are indispensable. Social Media has been useful to us to inform those who are less familiar with high quality eyewear and limited editions: this has attracted a good following for us! We like to use social networks to communicate with all ages, talking about new arrivals, sharing store shots, and updates on our opening hours.


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