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January 17, 2020

Accessories, point-of-sale or a special one-off display of newly released eyewear... opportunities for window dressing continue to inspire, while always offering real potential to increase footfall

Getting customers through the optician’s door is still a challenge.
With our increased focus on digital information, online shopping, and our extraordinary addiction to mobile phones (even on the street, many of us walk with heads down – rather than looking and being aware of what’s around us) creating a must-see retail space, that draws you in from the street – through the window - should be more of a focus than ever.


Windows are the place to grab attention – to say who you are and what you can do. Whether you work with specialist merchandisers or eyewear companies themselves (there have been significant advances in this type of activity in recent years), there are some excellent opportunities for attracting customers with creative design, a different selection of products and fresh ideas, presented with care and precision, absolute tidiness and a creative eye.

\\ Clarke & Roskrow, Market Harborough. Photo credit: Adam Faircough

Bevel display at Clarke & Roskrow: “Our displays tend to be brand specific. I will either use POS material supplied by the manufacturer or create a display myself, for example I created a sunspecs display this summer using Anne et Valentin frames with colour coordinated inflatable beach balls, hula hoops and swimsuits for a holiday theme!”
Clarke & Roskrow – Market Harborough

Independent store owners usually say that as well as strong eye-catching presentation of their products, it is the events, parties and designer trunk shows that really help convert footfall into sales. Those occasions require absolute precision in presentation, both in the window, the interior, and of course from the outside, where first impressions are made.
Something different from “the norm” or special flowers or display items can make the difference and help inspire photos and social media for value added draw.

\\ Work with experts in design concepts and displays: the Danish company LINDBERG works closely with partners in creative store concepts and window displays


Packaging and accessories can be a perfect choice for visual content in windows and store display areas and offer opportunities to add a fashion statement to the focus on eyewear and lenses.

“To stand out from the competition, we’ve taken inspiration from our extensive travels around the world to create a unique environment for our clientele. From our open window display to our hanging tables, we’ve designed an ideal space blending quality healthcare with a luxurious retail experience.”
The Eye Establishment – London

\\ Classic billboards and posters are still hugely popular: bold fashion branding at StureOptikern, Sweden for Alexander McQueen Eyewear.

The new collection created by William Morris London with the William Morris Gallery offers a selection of packaging and lens cloths that are ideal display items for the communication of the historic and artistic references behind the eyewear range. Other brands have focused on some eco-friendly concepts in packaging, with recycled materials and jewellery made from upcycled materials left over from the production phases.

\\ Something to attract the eye: William Morris London + William Morris Gallery, eye-catching packaging and lens cloths featuring the famous artist’s textile designs

Similarly FEDON from Italy has launched eco-friendly eyewear cases in the Nature friendly collection (collezioni Fedon “amiche della natura”) in alternative materials such as vegetable oil, cork and recycled plastic materials. Fedon has also launched a kit offering a shopper, soft case and personalised microfiber cloth with an image that can is requested by the optician and created excusively to match their image.

\\ URBAN OWL from Greece: Their raw materials are eco- friendly and the packaging recyclable – “we upcycle the materials left from production into pendants which we give away free....”

\\ A kit offering a personalised shopper, cases and lens cloths – available from FEDON. FEDON is a specialist in eyewear accessories such as cases.

\\ #avoidplastic: Monkeyglasses uses recycled packaging and “cardboard” pouches for transportation

ORRIS LONDON: a British based label producing modern eyewear chains – one of the independent fashion labels stocked by trend-focused opticians – providing that special something for a display and wonderful eye-catcher, beyond the eyewear offer.

\\ Orris London


- Work with partners to use branded materials to best effect – their expertise in window dressing will help you achieve new looks and creative presentation.
- Be innovative with your window and change the display regularly. Add more focus with a variation of products and other decorative elements, particularly in a seasonal display.
- Achieving a fashion look in your practice is essential and accessories, gorgeous packaging and stunning gift cards are all elements to consider carefully.
- Inside the practice use other products (not just frames) to help you display items with added colour and individuality. Small antiques, glass items or vintage props could give you a whole new look! But always keep things tidy, clean and minimal.
- A half empty frame display is disappointing to look at. Remember to update each week and seek advice if you need a colourful new look; window dressing requires creativity and an eye for decorative interior trends. Always talk to experts and be open to different concepts to avoid always looking the same.

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