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June 19, 2018

Where? Verona

When? Opened in Winter 2017

Store type: Independent

Owner: Sebastiano Turri

Q: Tell us about your new store: what is your focus?

A: The shop is designed as a challenge, as well as an experiment. We wanted to bring together quality products, an excellent service and an intimate relationship with the territory in a moment where everything is digitalized and happens so fast.
The space is effectively like a box full of interesting new ideas involving collaborations with young artists, continuous development and research into beautiful things!

Q: Where are you located in the city and who is your customer?

A: The shop is in Montorio Veronese, just a few kilometers from Verona’s historic city centre.

Q: What is your aim in the next year as a new store?

A: That’s a good question! We are ambitious in many ways. There are some collections that I would like to add soon and some collaborations which I hope to carry. I also have professional goals. Being based in the country means we are customer oriented and attentive to the demands of the customer. I am in contact with different specialists and wish to be able to offer a complete service for the wellbeing of our clients, even beyond vision. We have a single body and my belief is that our body should function in a harmonious way.

Q: You have some original collections like WAITING FOR THE SUN from Paris. Was it difficult to find the right mix of collections? Are you holding many trunk shows?

A: I have chosen Waiting for the Sun for the elegant timeless style it offers as a brand. Our research leads us to a mix of quality, design and something fun or a little mad: a brand like Naoned. It is not easy selecting products and collections as we only opened seven months ago. But this does allow me to express my taste and in a sense, any one who loves me will follow me!
Since the opening in November 2017, we have already increased the collections. We will definitely do more trunk shows – I like the formula, “see a collection and try everything on”. It allows me to try out more things with my clients and always creates a special interest in what we have here in the days following the event.

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