A space in which the customer can unplug and have an experience

Author: Beatrice Castioni

Retail Inspiration
March 17, 2021

Simone Ghedini, Optician

Bottega di Sguardi, Florence
Dentro Concept, Florence
Since when? 2014
Shop Type: Independent Optician
Optician: Simone Ghedini
Brands: Vibes 365, Jacques Marie Mage, Matsuda, Masunaga, Thom Browne, Projekt Produkt, Pugnale, Retrosuperfuture, Mykita, Yuichi Toyama, Bird & Cage, Kaneko, Gard, Valley, Dentro, Masahiro Maruyama.

Q: Bottega di Sguardi and Dentro Concept: when were the two stores born and what are the substantial differences?

A: Bottega di Sguardi was founded in 2014 in the beautiful residential area of Campo di Marte in Florence. I fell in love with the inner garden of my shop, and I developed a zen-style relaxed courtyard. My goal was to create a space in which the customer can unplug and have an experience, in addition to buying the product itself. For me, it was essential to get to know the person I am with, in order to be able to select the most suitable pair of glasses for them. In the Bottega, my creative workshop, I propose different niche brands from all over the world; every frame has a soul and reflects its brand.
Dentro Concept is a project created two years ago in the centre of Florence, the perfect tourist destination to introduce my creativity to the world. The store is born from the desire to increasingly enhance the shopping experience. So, I created a path that goes from perfumes to accessories, and then I ended up with glasses. Poetry, music, and suggestions that I collected during my travels are the main ingredients behind Dentro Concept. For every experience we have, I think it is the emotion that we feel that we remember.

\\ Dentro Concept Store

Q: How did the idea of the Vibes 365 collection come about?

A: Vibes 365 results from the desire to have my own signature even more, not only with the brands I select all over the world, but also through my experimentation. It all started from a metal eyewear frame with fuchsia mirrored lenses, and a flat base that at that time was not very fashionable. I made my first trip to Tulum. I usually carry a dozen glasses with me, among which there was this prototype. I was in a club and the manager made me skip the queue, because he loved my pair of glasses. Then I was asked about the brand I was wearing, and I realized I had to design a collection. That’s how 13/14 models have been born through the years, with the same principle of functionality and lightness. A product that almost merges with the person and becomes its natural extension. I think eyewear is just as important as the other accessories we are used to wearing, and change depending on the occasion or the mood. I do a lot of research, even on the colours of the lenses, which I sometimes commission specifically because they might not exist on the market.

Q: You are very creative on Instagram; is it an effective way to communicate your business?


A: In 2021, not considering the social media aspect of the business means being left behind. Digital multi-channel communication that we can use has undoubtedly a certain power, and we must use it to communicate with our customers. Expressing your identity in a coherent and effective way is also something that comes out of social media.

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