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November 08, 2018

Keziah Jones

Vintage at the core, with statement shapes and new innovative colour combinations.

Vinyl Factory's creative team told
20/20 Europe about their love of the 80s and a rock n’ roll vibe…

Q: What is the main concept of the Vinyl Factory collection launched at Silmo this year?

A: Since the launch of the brand, we have stuck with its vintage spirit, but our designers are constantly seeking new directions and new ways of surprising our customers. The collection offers a wide selection of new metal and acetate frames, with lots of refined details and interesting colours. Whoever stepped onto our booth and took a look at our latest models must have spotted a strong influence from the 1980s.

Q: How many new models were released in the sun and optical lines?

A: There were just over 40 new releases split equally between sunglasses and optical frames.

Q: What is the main trend coming up, and how is this interpreted in the collection?

A: The metal trend is very strong, and most of our launch consisted of new metal frames, working with geometric shapes, patterns, and refined details and colour combinations. Acetate lovers still had their share of new models too, with timeless styles reinvented with gorgeous materials.

Q: And the way in which your creative team works with colour? Describe how that is now focused for the new styles?

A: Colours have always had a primary importance in our collection. Don’t forget Pop Art is a great source of inspiration for the brand, as well as music.
The color selection is all about teamwork, we argue, and have fun too! Each model comes in three colours so that we can accommodate almost everyone’s preference when working on the frames. Some designers have a very personal approach while others are very careful at spotting the new trends.
We work closely with Mazzucchelli in order to get their latest material designs; we also design our own materials. Technological improvements also enable us to be more and more creative when it comes to metal colorations.

Q: Who is wearing Vinyl Factory at the moment in the music world?

A: We have many new artists joining the “Vinyl Factory Club”, including Keziah Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Eagle Eye Cherry, Charlie Winston, Arctic Monkeys, and many other bands we have met at festivals, at their shows or at our showroom during our live sessions.

Q: Finally, what can we expect from Vinyl Factory in 2019?

A: The fun thing with this brand is that there are things we can expect, like many new cool models…great encounters with awesome artists, and fun-packed booths at exhibitions… but there are also many unexpected events that turn our day to day experience into a rock n’ roll rollercoaster! Stay tuned for more Vinyl Factory vibes!

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