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January 31, 2018

An independent label by the Italian  company 450 srl, ULTRA LIMITED proposes artisan acetate frames with an exclusive take on colour and design.

20/20 Europe spoke to Tommaso Poltrone ahead of the MIDO fair.

Q: Tell us about 450 srl and when you first launched.

A: We are a small team of four, based in Asti and Cordignano (province of Treviso, Italy). This is our 4th year working together. We spent a lot of time initially developing the colour technique: each of our frames has 12 different colour tones, offering the ultimate expression of colour in eyewear.

Q: Where are the frames made?

A: There are several small workshops with whom we collaborate. This is a product that requires expertise and each frame can take up to 41 days to make. We started with six different shapes, in many different colour combinations - not one of them can be repeated. We are now offering over 50 shapes.

Q: Is Italy the main market for you?

A: Inevitably yes. We have over 1500 shops in Italy and 12 salesmen. Of course, we are growing further afield. We already have stores in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Germany. Brazil is also starting to be important.

Q: You are offering customised engravings on frame and lens. How does this work? 

A: We can personalise any ULTRA LIMITED frame with a name or symbol on the frame temple or the lenses. No other company is doing this and it seems to have really taken off. I was actually surprised how quickly we were taking orders.

Q: And for MIDO, what are you planning?

A: We have a completely new collection launching, with four sun and four opticals featured. The line is called the BLACK COLLECTION. We have taken our bestselling shapes and reworked the colour concept with an elegant black finish, and the colour we are known for proposed in a subtle way in the lining. We are also launching three new shapes in our mainline collection including MARSALA, a lovely deep silhouette for women with our statement colours worked into either side of the frame front.

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