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June 27, 2018


\\ Profili - Laggio

Profili - Capri

Following the launch of two new capsule lines at Mido, Italian artisan brand ULTRA LIMITED plans to further expand the Black Edition and exclusive PROFILI collection for preview at SILMO Paris.

Tommaso Poltrone talked to 20/20 Europe.

Q: ULTRA LIMITED showed the Black Edition capsule collection at Mido. What has been the reaction?

A: Alongside our main line, the Black Edition provides a perfect balance of wearable style with an injection of colour. This line focuses on some of our bestselling shapes, with a new colour proposal, where a black front brings a contrast with our hallmark multi-coloured acetate material visible on the interior. At Mido we showed nine sun and optical shapes, and we plan to extend this with three new shapes for launch at SILMO, following the reception which was particularly encouraging.
We have also previewed our PROFILI collection this year and we are pleased to announce that seven new styles will soon launch at SILMO.

Q: What are the features of PROFILI?

A: PROFILI has involved a new technique in gluing, which has allowed us to develop a fresh look where you can still identify our DNA. We have really invested in the development of this new line and there are currently three styles available in three colours.

\\ Black Edition - Favignana

Q: Please comment on the growth of your global distribution?

A: We are now available in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK, where we appointed a distributor at 100%. Poland and Austria are developing for us and we will launch in the Netherlands in September.

Q: I understand you also have a new distributor in Brazil?

A: Yes, this market is very interesting for our design direction, where colourful eyewear is widely appreciated. We have recently launched a distribution in Brazil and a flagship store which is located in Belo Horizonte. This is a great step forward in a territory that shows much promise.

Q: ULTRA LIMITED has become known as a designer eyewear label, but you also have a special line of bags, is that correct?

A: Yes, and the bag side of our business is growing quickly. We produce handmade bags in beautiful colours using layers of fine leather; the bags are a perfect accessory partner with our glasses and sunglasses, naturally. There are currently three styles available and we have seen a new growth this year in optical orders that include the ULTRA LIMITED bags as well as our ULTRA LIMITED eyewear!
Ultra Limited will exhibit at the SILMO fair in September.

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