The new JPLUS collection from Italy embraces the look of the moment 

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Interview of the Month
January 20, 2022

Alessandro Martire, Essequadro's Managing Creative Director

Q: The new collection from JPLUS is full of unique oversized statement pieces. Do you agree and can you explain the details about this direction.

A: I work with personality and try to develop the ability to interpret the nature of those who live and use eyewear, which is why every project will be different. The details and workmanship always start from an artistic approach combined with a solid base of technical knowledge and research. The intuition does the rest.

Q: Which are the key colours and shapes for the new season (can you clarify if the collection is only for women)?

A: Currently the Jplus collection is aimed mainly at a female clientele. In addition to black and havana, the colours used are blue, green, burgundy, powder pink, antique pink, earth tones, all with a crystal base. I have chosen shades that are not too bright and a little desaturated in line with the Jplus style. Over-size shapes and sharp lines have always strongly characterised the brand's style. For the future, I am reshaping the concept of oversize in a more conceptual and detailed way. For the men's collection, we will have to wait until January 2022 with a brand new capsule dedicated to the male clientele that will bring together a combination of elements and workmanship typical of my personality, but for now I can't go any further...

\\   Cleo by JPLUS

Q: And how does your new campaign express that vision?

A: The singer Nina Simone has always fascinated me. She has always been at the forefront of the battle for American civil rights, racial laws and freedom of expression in its broadest and noblest form, a highly relevant theme in line with the beat generation movement in the 1960s. The mixture of music, art and fashion has always been used as long as you share the same values. Coco Chanel, one of my favourite maisons, used her song "My baby just cares for me" for an iconic TV ad, making her known to a wider public and turning her into one of the jazz icons of the 80s. This sharing of values combined with the various historical periods from which the new Jplus collection is inspired also inspired me to create the Jplus advertising campaign.

Q: Jplus is an Italian brand with a strong character and globally oriented style. When was the brand founded and how do you feel it has evolved into what it is today?

A:   Jplus has 11 years of history. The hallmark of this brand has always been design consistency and respect for the values expressed in our brand identity. It has happened in the past that we have succumbed to the temptation to expand sales by hiding or removing our coloured feature on the front on the advice of the sales team or certain customers. Especially in the initial phase, this contrasting 'j' was seen as a limitation or even a defect. Personally, I never gave in despite the pressure and I always thought that products with a strong identity might be liked or not, but they certainly didn't go unnoticed. Today, it has become our distinctive sign and anyone who tries to use it, as happened in the past, advertises us. All the collections from no.1 to the present day are united by a common thread, a fil rouge, testifying to a story where each chapter is a constant and meticulous evolution of the previous one. Today, this stylistic narrative continues, with the strength of a production unit behind it that will give a further push in the search for materials, in the processing of the material itself and in the constructive refinement linked to the details and everything that makes us excited when we pick up a pair of glasses in our hands.

\\   Zelda by JPLUS

Q: You often use the phrase Beat Generation to distinguish this line. What do you mean?

A: The Beat Generation was an American youth movement of breaking the mould and experimenting. Among the central elements of the Beat culture was the innovation of style, the interest in Eastern religions, the maximum expression of freedom for oneself and others, all values that I have always strongly shared. Many artists from that period laid the foundations or pioneered musical genres, artistic currents and philosophies. Jplus was born as a tribute to that current, using the product as a means of conveying the values it embodied: with the passage of time the collections evolved but the spirit has always remained the same.

Q: What is the direction in terms of manufacture and is "artisan" style and hand finishing an element in the design work at JPLUS?

A: Jplus is a brand produced entirely in Italy. There is now a well-established coexistence between advanced technology and the innate artisan vocation of our craftsmen. All the finishing steps, including polishing, processing of the raw material such as engraving, gluework of a certain difficulty and value, or the insertion of components that increase the value of the product itself, are carried out by expert hands. To use a metaphor, poetry and prose must be in perfect balance with each other.

Q: Finally, what trends do you feel are coming our way for 2022 and is the BOLD look here to stay?

A: Jplus is a contemporary collection with its own personality. The variety of volumes and thicknesses are an integral part of the offer, which includes a series of iconic products of the brand that are therefore continuous and an experimental series that does not take into account trends but the design as an evolution of previous models.

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