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December 11, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, SALT. Optics is planning ahead with a new campaign and fresh collection launches.

We asked David Rose to explain his focus as the New Year approaches.

Q: We are heading towards 2019. What can we expect from SALT. Optics this coming Spring?

A: From behind the lens, SALT. Optics partnered with Justin Hollar, who embodies the same authentic lifestyle and integrity we do. Hollar’s vision for the campaign was to capture Chateau de Bouthonvilliers, the fine art of French living and the beauty of the Loire Valley.

Q: What are the most important traits of the new line launching at 100% in London next month?

A: Nostalgia plays an important role for SALT. C1/19. Distinctive silhouettes, for both men and women, bold acetate shapes, key details and customized Japanese titanium hardware.

Q: How does color story play out in the new models?

A: The rich, lustrous colours of Chateau de Bouthonvilliers and the Loire Valley reflect the colour palette which was incorporated into the C1/19 collection; deep blues and vibrant tortoises, as well as soft hues of matte marble.

Q: Are their key shapes that define the direction?

A: Yes, models Audrey and Lynch come to mind. Both are lightweight titanium and acetate combination sunglasses. Audrey is a stylish circular silhouette and Lynch is a modified teardrop shape. Both are multifunctional styles that are appealing on all faces and are everyday essentials.

Q: Technical precision is a part of the SALT. DNA. Identify any details in the current collection that illustrate this focus with reference to the Japanese production.

A: Models Al, Henry and Resin exhibit superior quality and timeless design. Each frame is well thought out perfectly detailed, and all encapsulate SALT.’s design aesthetic and Japanese craftsmanship.

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