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March 27, 2018

moving forward

Austrian wood eyewear experts ROLF SPECTACLES continue to push natural eyewear innovations forward. Clodagh Norton spoke with Roland Wolf at the Italian trade fair MIDO to find out what’s coming in 2018 and beyond.

Q: What were you showing for MIDO 2018?

A: We have released new models such as the Sprite in the Evolved Collection, now available in Smoked Oak Maple and Smoked Oak Walnut. We have more new styles featuring our FLEXLOCK hinge, a Rolf innovation using densely compressed wood and natural rubber. This is a completely new flexible, screwless, and metal-free hinge design that our customers appreciate for its strength and precision.

\\ ROLF Evolved collection: ACE

Q: Do you continue to produce your frames exclusively in wood and horn?

A: Yes is the simple answer. We have established ourselves in the natural eyewear field and we are still growing the ROLF collections and taking on new accounts. We produce in buffalo horn and natural wood in tune with the trends beyond eyewear and the growing focus on sustainability. We have taken care to understand the optician and ensure our service is exactly in line with their needs and the needs of their customers. We are offering a very intensive training to opticians for all our frame collections to ensure they understand what the product offers in all areas, from aesthetics to materials and technical details such as understanding our hinge constructions.

Q: The optical market demands new ideas on a regular basis. How do you cater to this?

A: We are always looking at innovative concepts for the products, and we believe we are now a reference for quality natural eyewear in that we are the only wood brand that has been able to reach the same levels of quality as in other more traditional frame materials. Yes – it is a challenge that the optical market demands new ideas with increasing frequency. But as a team, we are always thinking about the future and what we want to do next. This is now a big focus for us as next year will be our 10th anniversary!

Q: What are you planning for this special anniversary?

A: There is so much coming, but we can’t yet tell you what we will be launching! What I can say is that we will continue to innovate in this market, and we always invest in that direction to give 100%.
This year we have launched a new “eyewear” chamber which we call our Huminator for horn and wood frames with properties that have never been seen before in this industry.

Fashion images produced in a collaboration with the Austrian fashion label, Rebekka Ruetz. (

\\ Details: CAPRI by ROLF featuring the FLEXLOCK hinge

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