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January 18, 2022

Sebastien Brusset, Creative Director, McLaren Vision

MCLAREN VISION by L'AMY LUXE represents a superior collection of eyewear, built on the principles of the McLaren brand through design innovation, stunning details and a high-fuelled desire to break new ground. 20/20 EUROPE spoke to the team following the launch of a new patented magnetic hinge.

Q: What have been the key moments (so far) for McLAREN Vision since its launch in 2019 following a first showcase at SILMO 2018?

A: Sébastien Brusset: The first key moment was to aggregate around this project all the specialists, to produce something that was never achieved previously. The result was to have a strong team of European partners, instead of a basic relationship between customer and supplier - and including strong involvement and support from McLaren. We needed to push all boundaries, in technical innovation with hinge movement and in the titanium 3D printed technology. This is also why we developed a strong partnership with Materialize who really brought their knowledge and expertise in terms of 3D printing, to reach what we were aiming to achieve with the Ultimate product. The result was the Silmo d’Or in innovation, awarded at the end of 2018, and for us the second key moment and the start of a great adventure.

Q: Define the signature aesthetic of this collection today, its innovative features and technical advantages.

A: Thibault Robbiani: The collection combines technology with sport luxury to offer eyewear suitable for every attire. Using technology for the front face such as the 3D printing allows us to be very free with the design of our shapes. The McLaren Vision collection epitomizes the design innovation and pioneering technical excellence that is at the core of the McLaren brand’s DNA. The unique 180° rotating hinge – a reminder of the supercar door opening mechanism - and the dual elastomer temples are the current key signatures of the collection.

\\ Magnetic Series by McLaren Vision, in collaboration with JAM Vision

Q: What has been your most exciting achievement in the way in which you have applied advanced material?

A: TR: Successfully developing products like this is always an achievement as trying to integrate new technologies and innovative elements is always a risk. From the idea to the conception and the production, there is a long period of research and development. Innovation just for innovation is obviously useless, but having products that are able to meet your expectations in term of technology, but also in terms of quality is really important. The innovation always needs to serve a purpose in the final functionality of the product. The most exciting achievement in this way is probably the fact that we have been able to work with many different technologies and bring each time something new to the collection, but always to serve the final product. The advanced material and technologies allowed us to develop product with an extreme lightness and comfort, or even with a high degree of durability. From 3D printing to laser cutting technology or from the 180°rotating hinge to the magnetic hinge, we are always playing with new elements but still keeping the brand’s DNA and this is something really enjoyable.

Q: How are the frames presented, I understand there are three ranges?

A: TR: We currently have three ranges. The Ultimate range is the high-end series in the collection, showcasing the Ultimate product, the pinnacle of the McLaren Vision collection. The product is a real concentration of design and technology, but also a world premiere. The frames are made from 3D printed titanium - which is a technique McLaren was already using in racing – and integrating lenses hung at 2 contact points to minimise lens interference and increase visibility. The Design range is our core range in which we develop products working on a specific new element or material. For example, the Graphite series was developed by working on 3D printing with graphite material, which is 24% lighter than acetate, so it’s really interesting for the final product. Regarding the Rimless super series, we focused on the titanium bridge and temples, and integrated the McLaren patented 180° rotating hinge. The MS-85 which is the brand new rimless style is also available in a new bi-colour temple, with an adjustable tip, to suit every face. Finally, the Magnetic is something quite impressive, with this unique patented magnetic hinge that provides life lasting friction and no risk of losing any temple or screw. The third and final range, the Lifestyle range has been developed to offer different shapes or styles from the rest of the collection. The Edge series - currently the only series of this collection, uses laser cutting technology on surgical stainless steel to develop monobloc fronts that can offer a real lightness, but also unique shapes.

\\   McLaren Vision

Q: At SILMO in September, McLaren Vision announced its new optical collection and a new concept called Magnetic produced in collaboration with JAM Vision. Describe this innovation and its benefits and where it features in the collection.

A: SB : As the lead designer of McLaren Vision, we have built  together a very strong relationship. I launched the JAM Vision Project this year, a personal eyewear collection based on innovation - with a super and very reliable magnetic hinge, sustainability - thanks to the material and additive manufacturing, and collaborations. So it was very natural to create together a capsule collection that is the result of both of our specialisms : involving  innovation, commitment, lifestyle and sustainability.

Q: McLaren Vision is also entering the smart glasses arena in a design concept that has involved collaboration with SKUGGA. Please give details and explain what this represents for the brand.

A: SB: McLaren since its very beginning, has innovation in its DNA. Those innovations are always in development, with performances increasing, new functionalities, etc. At McLaren Vision, we are used to innovating in the same way, and use technologies to improve the way others can enjoy their frames and how they work. That’s why in a very natural way, we investigated a few years ago the smart eyewear arena - evaluating what it could bring to innovative eyewear. Skugga is one of our best partners – we are collaborating in order to bring a brand new experience to our customer embedding a lot of sensors that could measure and provide different types of information. This is an exciting project where we can turn regular eyewear into a really innovative, well designed smart glasses alternative. The complete smart range is about to land, end of 2022.

Thibault Robbiani, Brand Manager, McLaren Vision

Q: What does 2022 hold for McLaren Vision and L'Amy Luxe?

A: TR: 2022 is already looking busy for us as we have several projects launched both for McLaren Vision and L’Amy Luxe. Obviously you will hear more about our collaboration with SKUGGA, but there will also be several new launches for McLaren Vision that could bring something we didn’t explore for now. 2022 will also be very exciting for our new collection Von Arkel that was unveiled at Silmo 2021, so we already look forward to being back in Paris again!



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