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July 23, 2018

Pride Eyewear, from the Italian Dolimites, brings together the experience of three generations of eyewear production and design.

20/20 Europe asked the PRIDE EYEWEAR team about their focus for SILMO 2018.

Q: What is PRIDE Eyewear preparing for the new season ahead?

A: There are a lot of very interesting new directions in frame shapes, colours and materials!

Q: Explain the new shapes and direction of the collection.

A: Our new shapes will be characterized by originality and alternative design - a key direction in our collection - for all people that want to distinguish themselves and be unique.

Q: The brand has always focused on fit and comfort as well as style. Explain these details and tell us a little about the production phase in Italy - you are producing in the traditional spectacle making area of Italy near Belluno. Is that right?

A: Certainly comfort, lightness and fit are some of our strengths combined with our strong “design” personality and originality that is maintained through a clearly identified signature in all our models. This was also the reason why we won the German Design Award this year in the Lifestyle and Fashion Category. Each frame is handcrafted in the Cadore valley and production is completed in Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the Province of Belluno.

Q: Regarding colour, do you feel there are specific new colours coming into fashion?

A: Absolutely yes and we are looking forward to showing them very soon.

Q: What is the essence of the PRIDE DNA in 2018, you often talk about the originality of the designs and the unique details. Can you expand?

A: DE Eyewear’s DNA is the result of research and development of avant-garde design maintaining a strong personality to distinguish our signature and story.

Q: Are you exhibiting at SILMO? And following that, what other fairs will you attend?

A: Of course we will be exhibiting at Silmo 2018 in Paris (booth 5 E 102). We will also be at DaTe 2018 (booth L25), Opti Munich and Mido 2019.

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