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February 17, 2023

Eyewear label NEUBAU and German fashion brand ODEEH
have announced their latest collaboration edition –
showing at MIDO this month.
20/20 EUROPE asked both brands
to comment on the creative collaboration.

Daniel Liktor, Managing Director

Q: This is the second collaborative sunglasses collection between NEUBAU EYEWEAR and ODEEH. What was your focus for this special new edition of two designs?

A: Daniel Liktor, Managing Director NEUBAU EYEWEAR (DL): ODEEH and NEUBAU find the connection in a deep and mutual appreciation of design, materials, and craftsmanship. As both brands come from areas where handcrafted designs have become rare these days, we wanted to create something together that reflects our values and our combined expertise. Deciding on a collection made from sustainable acetate gave us more creative freedom in colours and shapes.
Otto Drögsler & Jörg Ehrlich, ODEEH: Our focus was, simply speaking, to add something in this spectrum of NEUBAU and the landscape of eyewear in general, that fits our world of ODEEH and stays in harmony with the technical and optical dimensions of both brands.

Q: What are the most creative aspects of design that you both align on and find a common passion?

A: ODEEH: Our understanding of let’s say a “good creativity” is: it always has to play a co-role with the technical aspects of design in general. The standards and principles, that we try to keep in our focus are similar to the principles that we have, when working on garments: Everything has as well to “work” in terms of a functional dimension. Our designs never should transfer a dominating energy. In our understanding, a good design language is only relevant and modern, when it makes sense for the ones that want to use it.
DL: I think materials and their characteristics play an essential part. We both understand materials and value them throughout the design process – this is our common ground. But entering a dialogue between the two fields - fashion and eyewear - and combining ideas has been particularly rewarding on both sides.

Q: Would you agree that there is a general mood in fashion in 2023 that is optimistic, joyful and bold? Does this edition fit with this mood?

A: ODEEH: We always try to transfer an optimistic and joyful attitude within everything we do, since we have started ODEEH in 2009. Fashion, when it gets to serious and over- intellectual is not interesting for us, that’s not our cup of tea.
Everything we do, should transfer at least a moment of pleasure and joy. and this message is totally independent from a season or year. It’s a general principle, that we have and that we try to follow and fulfil.
DL: As a brand, we are always optimistic, future-driven, but also realistic. This is reflected in this collection, but also underlies the general mood of our collaboration.

Model Phaedra
in Dark Green Olive

Q: Materials are a constant area of research for NEUBAU. Has this been an important aspect of this collection, and if so why? You mention acetate scraps being used for from the frames?

A: ODEEH: We are material freaks! And we feel this same passion when we work with the NEUBAU TEAM. We totally trust them and believe in their experience and knowledge, when it comes to the materiality.
Without this credibility of NEUBAU and the people behind the brand, a cooperation would never be possible for us.
DL: Materials always play an essential role in designing a collection. On the one hand, it gives a certain framework to work with, on the other hand our plant-based acetate gives us immense freedom in the creative process while also meeting our sustainability values. In our second joint collection, we wanted to expand our concept of sustainability even further. This is why, we decided to not waste any material leftovers, but rather include them in the design process. Together, we came up with the idea to use material scraps from the production process for designing a range of unique accessories.

Q: How have you developed colour concepts for the styles, and can you share anything about the design process and colour work that was followed to achieve this creative collaboration?

A: ODEEH: For us, colour is always key. So in this actual collection as well. We love colours! At the same time, we feel the importance of using colours, that work in a good and positive dialogue with skin tones.
it’s a big difference of using colours for a dress or a blouse or in our case here, for an eyewear collection. the focus always was to use colours, that work for your face, that potentially do not dominate the energy, a customer wants to show in her or his face.

Q: Is your collaboration a long-term one, and can we expect more releases in the next 12 months?

A: DL: Our collaboration with ODEEH has developed into a partnership where we exchange ideas and inspirations beyond our collab. We will see where our creative journey takes us in the future.
ODEEH: Very short answer: We are curious, what the future will bring. So, of course as well in the future dialogue with NEUBAU and the team around Daniel. Curiosity is always key, when you want to stay open-minded and interested.

Q: When and where will the new line be available? Is it available to opticians to carry like the regular neubau collection? Will it be exhibited at the fairs this season?

A: DL: The collection will be launched in April 2023 and presented at OPTI, MIDO and the Berlin Fashion Week. Starting from April 2023, the collection will be available at opticians and on www.odeeh.com.

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