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Author: Valeria Martinez

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October 14, 2020

\\ Nirvan Javan, designer

In the world of the Swiss eyewear brand NIRVAN JAVAN, less is always more. With a focus on simplicity, elegance and perfection, a puristic style characterises the label’s signature. As the brand celebrates its fifth anniversary, Nirvan unveils how his passion for eyewear design was born and reflects back on the firm’s creative evolution.

Q: You’ve had a passion for drawing and an interest in art and design from a young age, but when did you first realise you wanted to become an eyewear designer?

A: When I first heard about the job and the work of a designer, it immediately became a dream of mine to create my own designs, realise my creative visions and start my very own label. Back then I had no idea that my personal career as a designer would actually start with eyewear design. After finishing secondary school in Switzerland, my father convinced me to start an apprenticeship – to learn something “solid” before entering the working world as a creative. His opinion – in addition to my background in Teheran, where my uncle and my cousins own two optician stores – led me to optometry. I applied to study design after my apprenticeship as an optician – unfortunately without success. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t stop me from founding my own brand NIRVAN JAVAN and finally get one step closer to my dream. Out of my passion for art and design and my knowledge about glasses and optometry, it was a very logical consequence to start with eyewear design. In this actual company stage, we focus on the Swiss design eyewear always keeping in mind that the brand NIRVAN JAVAN creates a more extensive platform for design and creativity.

Q: How has your experience as an optician influenced your perspective as the creative director of your label?

A: My professional experience as an optician definitely influenced NIRVAN JAVAN. Everything that I've learned about our eyes – and optics in general – is a huge part of my work today and is ultimately the basis for our NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR. I am still profiting every day from the many useful experiences I was able to gather as an optician.

Q: How would you describe the philosophy and brand DNA of NIRVAN JAVAN?

A: NIRVAN JAVAN accentuates the symbiosis of cultures and the limitless horizon of a modern society. Therefore, our brand represents a cosmopolitan, modern and open society. I pursue a clear, elegant aesthetic with the human being in the leading edge. It’s a holistic approach, that creates consistency between an exclusive eyewear design and its confident wearer. Finally, we strive for perfection in order to offer the customer a product of highest quality.

\\ NIRVAN JAVAN London Campaign 2020

Q: The conceptual approach of your brand maintains a very clear, stylistic and puristic line, but your recent collections mark an evolution into cosmopolitan influences. How much will you be exploring this concept in future collections?

A: Tough question. Our journey has just started but we stick to the curious, playful and open mindset. We strive to rehearse authentic stories and emotions about life as a cosmopolitan. This brand setup allows us more playground for creativity and exploratory activities. I am thrilled to weld all the different places and cultures with our vision, by creating unique collections and authentic campaigns.

Q: As the label celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, could you reflect back on which do you think has been the turning point of NIRVAN JAVAN’s success? Where do you see the brand evolving?

A: Actually, there were a lot of exciting, thrilling and enlightening moments. NIRVAN JAVAN evaluates the current and future situation as a dynamic journey. The launch of the new collections and the purposefully brand positioning have definitely increased our visibility and quality. Furthermore, we successfully started our expansion in Germany and Europe, despite the current macro- and microeconomic circumstances.

Q: You recently teamed up with the sun lens company ZEISS for your new sun model Shades of Paris. Could you tell us more about this collaboration and your overall relationship with the lens manufacturer?

A: ZEISS is one of the most popular and successful lens producers worldwide. To be honest, as an upcoming start-up, it was quite challenging to win ZEISS as a longterm partner. But high-quality lenses are – in our opinion – essential for premium sunglasses. ZEISS definitely meets NIRVAN JAVAN’s quality requirements and therefore we will continue to integrate their excellent products into our models.

\\ NIRVAN JAVAN: London shoot

Q: Your latest collections are inspired by the cities of London, Zurich, Chicago, Paris and Tokyo. How did each city influence your creative process?

A: The mentioned cities influenced my creative process a lot. When I think about those metropolises, I think about their impressive architecture, vibrant atmosphere and inspiring cultures. All those metropolises – each with its own unique characteristics – served as a true inspiration for the latest collections. When it comes to our current TOKYO collection, made of the premium material titanium, I got strongly influenced by the city's perfectionism, its diversity and balanced mentality such as the purist designs.

Q: How do you want people to feel when wearing your eyewear?

A: Glasses are a very personal object and should perfectly merge with the wearer. They should not only emphasize its beauty but also its confidence. In addition, they have to feel light and comfortable as well as invite everyone to see the world with their own eyes.

Q: Japanese manufacture is internationally recognised as a token of high quality. Is this why you chose Japan as the place for the manufacturing of your spectacles? How would you describe their craftsmanship?

A: Definitely. Japanese manufacturers share a similar understanding about precision as Swiss. Our partners always strive for perfection – just as we do. In addition, they are leading in terms of the premium material titanium. One of our primary goals is to meet the highest quality standards and I feel extremely comfortable collaborating with our Japanese partners.

Q: What’s next for NIRVAN JAVAN? Will you be participating in any international trade fairs? What’s your vision for the future of the brand?

A: Our stylistic journey around the globe has just started – our product, project and campaign pipeline is fully packed. I am currently working on the new collection for 2021. Our goal is to present the collection at the OPTI in Stuttgart. This is just the beginning of a tremendous 2021 – just stay curious and #SEETHEWORLD with NIRVAN JAVAN.

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