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January 22, 2019

One of Italy’s well-known traditional eyewear producers, Look was founded in 1977, and its first eponymous collection launched in 1978.
Today the company continues to specialise in Italian-made high-end frames for all ages, with three unique collections for adults and children, and a strong campaign going forward in 2019 entitled ‘Made in Italia’. 
20/20 Europe spoke to Vittore Tormen, Look Ambassador.

Q: How has the company evolved since the 1970s?

A: From the beginning, Look has consistently evolved to be able to offer high-quality eyewear with a strong avant-garde direction. Over the years, it emerged that the Look brand was well recognized by a large audience and, above all, by an increasingly demanding and refined eyewear consumer. So much so that we undertook new projects to develop a technically advanced line, as well as a very well designed products for children.
It has always been the case in our view that in Italy we have unique capabilities to create an ongoing history of eyewear excellence in terms of our production.
Our headquarters have been here for 40 years. The people who work on the Look project, from the design to the development and production are always motivated by the ‘ethical ideal’ of getting the most out of their work.

“...in Italy we have unique capabilities to create an ongoing history of eyewear excellence..."

Q: A brand new Look collection launches this month at opti. How would you describe this new line and its direction?

A: The Look products will see several additions in the bestselling existing lines, including a concept where we revisit the sports world. The models proposed offer absolute simplicity; they use a combination of elements based on studies into possible alternatives to the usual gluing or screw fixing techniques in eyewear. We refer to this concept as the “Philosophy of lightness”.
We will also present a new family of products in thin milled Xinox, finished with combinations of opaque glossy contrast colours in the women’s range and a technical focus in the men’s line.

Q: What is most important in terms of colour, innovation and materials?

A: Innovation is the goal for our creative and industrial design development. Sometimes this is achieved by combining several different elements such as colour, technical innovation and original materials. We believe that colour addresses our human sensitivity, while innovation requires knowledge and skill with high-tech materials.

Q: As a brand, Look is both technical and fashion-forward. Would you agree and is one more important than the other?

A: The technical aspect of Look is an essential part of the design. We often design new mechanisms and develop production systems that are very innovative.
This commitment to our product development has led us towards a pared-back aesthetic, in line with the modern philosophical concept of “less is more”. It is a recognizable style that is fashionable today, even if we have always focused on this.

Q: Look is producing more than the LOOK collection. You also offer Materika and a kid’s collection – Lookkino. Are there brands also showing new items for OPTI?

A: We offer a comprehensive selection of eyewear with Lookkino, LOOK and Materika. These products have been created in the name of excellence and address three different target groups. The new Materika products will see an integration of the Alumix products, our exclusive ultralight high-performance material characterized by interesting surfaces.
The new models come in very thin titanium with essential shapes and some minimal combinations in acetate and titanium. Lookkino will launch new metal products with an exclusive hypoallergenic anatomical nose piece and a great aesthetic-functional mix.

Q: Materika has a contemporary style and very lightweight construction. Does this style of frame continue to be your bestseller, or do you note new requirements from the customer generally?

A: We have technologies that allow us to achieve maximum performance with the very thinnest material constructions.
The thin layers have become our prerogative.
Although style is an evolution and offers many aesthetic choices, the pursuit of lightness remains one of our main objectives.
We focus on the constant technical / aesthetic challenges in eyewear to ensure a level of quality and comfort and that our customers can truly appreciate.

\\ Materika

Q: The kid’s collection Lookkino has had much success over the years in Italy. It is also popular elsewhere. What advantages do the frames have for the youngest eyewear users?

A: We conceived Lookkino as a brand designed to offer children the best eyewear. Our frames are designed for learning activities and assume that children have a dynamic and active daily life. Our kids’ glasses are designed for running and for playing and total freedom of movement. They are built to support children as they grow, aiding them in their cognitive development and encouraging their curious exploration of the world as much as possible.


\\ Lookkino

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