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June 12, 2018

With several new collections launched, celebrations for their 10th anniversary and their first boutique in Milan, L.G.R has much to be proud of in 2018.

20/20 Europe asked Founder Luca Gnecchi Ruscone to share his thoughts on the developments as new plans continue to unfold.

Q: 2018 has been an important year, particularly with the new shop in Milan. What is your view on this development into retail?

A: Milan’s international presence and undisputed reputation in the world of luxury and lifestyle make the city a natural choice for our first store in Italy. The space on Corso Garibaldi celebrates our DNA, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the universe of L.G.R. But this opening is just the first step in a retail strategy that we hope will soon bring us to major cities around the world.

Q: This year also marks your 10th anniversary. How are you celebrating?

A: The Heritage Limited Edition celebrates 10 years of L.G.R history by combining the brand’s African roots and elegance with an innovative touch on four iconic models: Asmara, Casablanca, Keren and Reunion. Each of these models features polarized lenses made of toughened glass and matt acetate frames with different hues. The avant-garde touch is in the newest acetate flaps characterized by thin, graceful slits that are reminiscent of the shape of the mullioned windows of Ottica Bini, the eyeglass store created by my grandfather in Asmara.

Q: Several new collections have been launched, including the Capri and Yacht Club special editions. Can you tell us something about these two projects and how they are evolving?

A: After the first edition, we decided to present new additions to the Capri Collection, which draws inspiration from the atmosphere, colors and lifestyle of the iconic island: two brand new models, Orchid and Bouganville, and a new shade, Limoncello. Inspired by a boat trip to the Faraglioni, a coffee in the Piazzetta or a walk through the alleys full of flowers, the models of the Capri Collection will bring the glamour and style of the Italian holidays of the Fifties anywhere you go.
The Yacht Club Collection is designed for sea adventurers who seek the best of their nautical experience through high-performance protective lenses. Skipper, the first model of this exclusive collection, combines elegance, functionality and high levels of performance. With its classic lines, sporty touch and best technical characteristics of its lenses, Skipper is ideally suited to life in Yacht Clubs at any time of the day, from adrenaline-charged yacht races to relaxing boat trips, during lunch in the marina or while sipping an aperitif at sunset. 

Q: You have also put out an impressive SS18 sun collection, which continues to follow an innovative path, bringing together different shapes and details with a very unique look. Can you tell us something about it?

A: The SS18 collection includes new sunglasses (Orchid, Bouganville, Eufrate, Kerio, Nomad II, Tuareg II) as well as new additions to the Superleggero family (Tebe, Pilot, Reunion, Norton, Nubia) which enrich the line of optical frames characterized by ultralight steel temples. Tobruk is another great news. An Italian military-inspired frame, reminiscent of the Cyrenaican port city on Libya’s Eastern Mediterranean coast, it is best suited for those who are adventurous in style and life.

Q: In the last 10 years, the company has grown significantly. What is your main channel for success at this time? 

A: In my opinion, the aspects which define the success of a company are its level of popularity, the consumers’ perception and the business margins it can reach. Combining a positive perception of the brand with a high level of reputation and having very good margins is “success”. On a personal level, success means making your dreams come true and, after that, having new dreams to realize. It’s a bit like happiness, which, in my opinion, does not come when you reach your ultimate goal, but it resides in the process of chasing your goals. Overcoming obstacles on the way to success makes me happy.

Q: As the summer approaches, is it time to take a break, or can we expect more news about the expansion of L.G.R in the next months and before SILMO? You have previously mentioned that you wish to open another store in the UK, France or Dubai?

A: We are working on a lot of ideas and projects, but I prefer to do first and then talk about it!

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