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March 01, 2018

Danish in origin. Technically precise. With a colour palette inspired by nature.

20/20 EUROPE spoke to Charlotte Ellegaard, Head of Marketing, Design Eyewear Group, about the latest designs at Kilsgaard Eyewear and how the style of the collection is evolving for the future.

Q: How is the brand moving forward since it was taken on by Design Eyewear Group?

A: The Kilsgaard brand is doing really well. We have just launched a new aluminum collection, true to the core values of the brand and we see great potential in the clear positioning of the brand. Kilsgaard is all about classics and creating everlasting design – not ever-changing fashion and fading styles.

Q: Can you describe the collection for 2018?

A: In the latest collection you will see the original, clean lines true to the DNA of the brand developed in the finest aluminum profiles. The aesthetics are elegant and minimalistic with refined details.
The colours are muted and toned down with earthy tones, inspired by forests, rocks and metals. This is the classic core of Kilsgaard collections.
In our design pipeline, we are seeing more colour proposals and combinations of materials to add new dimensions to the collection, while staying true to the Danish heritage.

Q: What are the benefits of the aluminum included in this collection?

A: The aluminum is particularly strong and durable. It is also very, very light and comfortable. The surface is soft with a matte finish, details which make the frames extremely pleasant to wear.

Q: What is the feedback from OPTI and MIDO?

A: Our customers are really pleased with the Kilsgaard collection, particularly as it offers something quite different from the other high-end collections by Design Eyewear Group. But that is the beauty of having more than one brand to offer: some love the expressive, colorful style of Face à Face, where others can identify with the elegance of the pure and minimalistic style of Kilsgaard.

Q: What is next for KILSGAARD in 2018?

A: Kilsgaard is a part of our group now, and we are incorporating the brand in all events. In New York, Kilsgaard will be at the LOFT together with Face à Face  – and then we will focus on presenting the collection to key customers in selected markets.

Q: Comment on the dragonfly logo, a reference for the collection that is often talked about.

A: This logo is an iconic part of the Kilsgaard visual identity – always appearing, in a subtle way, at the tip of every frame.

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